Betting on Sports Integrity Questioned In Spain

Published Friday, December 19, 2014 -
Betting on Sports Integrity Questioned In Spain

The worst thing that can happen in sports is corruption. Match fixing has become one of the biggest issues facing the online gambling industry because trust is destroyed and the games lose their integrity. A Spanish match fixing investigation that involves the La Liga match between Real Zaragoza and Levante from the 2010-2011 season has revealed there are 41 people, including Japanese coach Javier Aguirre, Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera, and Atletico Madrid captain Gabi involved. Additionally  former Zaragoza president Agapito Iglesias is also part of the investigation, plus the rest of the players on both teams. The investigation which was launched in September of 2014 into the seemingly normal game between Real Zaragoza and Levante revealed that the match could have been fixed to ensure that Zaragoza stayed in La Liga.

Twenty five year old mid fielder Ander Herrera who has moved to Manchester United has denied any wrong doing in the matter. In a Facebook statement Herrera stated, “I have never had and will never have anything to do with manipulating match results,” Herrera added “If I am ever called to testify in any judicial hearing, I’ll be happy to attend, as my conscience is totally clear.”

The allegations in the court documents states that that Levante players were given € 965,000 ($1.2 million) in cash to lose the game. According to the documents Zaragoza transferred funds to the accounts of its players and officials. Then according to the filings the implicated individuals gave the money the Levante players, completing the alleged deal and making it a sure loss.

Aguirre, who was the then coach of the Real Zaragoza team claimed he was innocent of the accusations. The lawyer for the Japan Football Association, Yutaka Miyoshi commented that Aguirre was “very angry, and that he has never done such a thing as a professional football coach.”






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