Kentucky Senator Seeks To Ban Online Gambling

Published Sunday, December 21, 2014 -
Kentucky Senator Seeks To Ban Online Gambling

Officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky is an American State known for its horse racing industry, bourbon distilleries and Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is also well known in online gambling circles as the state that seized 142 domain names related to online gambling back in September of 2008. The seizure was taken after the Commonwealth found that the “domains were being used in connection with illegal gambling activity”. The seizure was ultimate overturned six years later but not without the fallout caused by the upset in business endured by these companies.

Now as the legalization of online gambling is maturing in the USA there is a great deal of debate going on as to whether the Federal government should make online gambling legal and set down a regulatory platform for the industry to follow.

Kentucky Senator Mike Wilson has made his position known that he will vote against any move to make betting over the internet possible. Wilson commented, “What they’ve done is they’ve taken away the charitable gaming from people like our veterans who are the VFW and the American Legion, which I’m a member there also. As well as, the Knights of Columbus, it’s really hurt them big time,”

Efforts made by Senator Wilson include the pre-filing of bill BR 229 an act that will specifically target Internet cafes and any businesses that facilitate online gambling.This particular bill was created to amend KRS 528.010 which facilitates online gambling and was presented as “emergency legislation.” The bill if passed it will go into effect immediately without having to wait 90 days before the installation of the law. Online horse racing is one industry that may have language added to the amendment bill to ensure an exemption. The state lottery is expected to start selling online tickets by the end of 2015 and they would also seek an exemption to the proposed ban.


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