Online Gambling Confidence Eroded by Match Fixing

Published Saturday, December 27, 2014 -
Online Gambling Confidence Eroded by Match Fixing

Confidence in the online gambling system has been severely eroded by a number of unscrupulous people who for quick profit ruin the lives of well intentioned players and officials. In countries that are relatively poor and even in nations that aren’t so poor the players and officials of various sports such as football and cricket succumb to greed and throw matches creating illegal outcomes. When the system is compromised by match fixing the integrity of the games are lost with damage being done at all levels of involvement.

In Vietnam for example a country notorious for illicit gambling and one of the world’s worst track records for match-fixing the government has decided to come down hard on the perpetrators. Vietnam’s soccer federation has permanently banned nine players for fixing an Asian club match. The Vissai Ninh Binh players all received jail terms of up to 30 months for fixing an away match against Malaysia’s Kelantan in the Asian Football Confederation Cup. Vietnam routinely doles out harsh penalties to criminals but has given relatively lenient sentences for match fixing so these measures are a step up from the norm in an attempt to restore some confidence. The Vissai Ninh Binh team withdrew from the Vietnamese top flight league with fears that more league games could be corrupted. The police have been watching closely for any unusual activity.

The Vietnam Football Federation said last August it was “resolutely fighting with negatives in football to regain the confidence of the country’s fans.” Dinh Khai, a prominent local soccer pundit, told Reuters news, “They want to awaken the players to purify Vietnamese football,” Khai continued, “Vietnamese football is now very poor within the region ... The results will always be wrong as long as negativity and match-fixing still exist.”
Most critics support the life time ban for match fixing players and officials but added punishments should be proportional to a player or official’s level of involvement.




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