US Football Fantasy Online Sports Betting Increase

Published Sunday, January 04, 2015 -
US Football Fantasy Online Sports Betting Increase

US Sports are like a glue that cements the people of that diverse nation together through friendly sporting competitions. Fantasy sports betting in the USA is mostly legal and widely participated in by fans of basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and probably others. Online gambling on sports is many believe illegal in the USA but there are always conflicting opinions regarding the law.

A recent article in Media a news source that claims to be an intersection of politics and media across the political spectrum reported that the US college football events Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl had received the honor of being the most-watched programs in the history of cable. Not only in the history of ESPN that hold the right to NFL broadcasts or in the history of sports programming, but over all programs.

The interesting fact that was revealed in the article was the online participation in viewers. The Rose and Sugar did very well online with the WatchESPN app averaging 864,000 unique viewers despite that the app had some technical problems. The college football competition in the USA has enormous financial impact on the country and betting has something to do with the excitement as fantasy football games escalate and drill down to the best and the brightest teams and players.

Americans just can’t seem to get enough of their football. College football, professional football it’s all good. Part of it is passion for the sport, but gambling, fantasy and office pools all add to building more interest that is becoming obvious in the numbers now watching football on television. Those numbers are bound to translate in to larger numbers for the online bookie in America. Some online firms claim to be legally offering online sports betting to US players but as a rule it is good t check before putting money into a game. Being sure your information is secure is a mainstay of playing safe on the internet.


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