International Online Gambling Compacts Possible

Published Saturday, January 10, 2015 -
International Online Gambling Compacts Possible

It comes as no surprise that New Jersey has been looking into possible compacts for its online gambling ventures to further the potential development of marketing its now legal online poker offerings. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement head David Rebuck, recently was quoted as saying the Division has not only been exploring interstate possibilities with Nevada and Delaware but also the possibility of an international hook up with operators in the United Kingdom.

Rebuck said in a letter referring to the one year anniversary of the introduction of legal online gambling in the Garden State, “The Division has been in discussions with other jurisdictions, such as Nevada and the United Kingdom,” Rebuck added, “but no compacts have been entered to date.” Rebuck also confirmed,  “The legislation that authorized Internet gaming specifically permits the Division to enter into multi- jurisdictional agreements.”

The establishment of a compact with European online poker operators could change the outlook for the slowly developing internet poker market in the USA. The move if ever implemented would be good news for some jurisdictions and yet detrimental for others. The issue becomes complicated with agreements pertaining to potential liquidity sharing being a difficult stumbling block to overcome. The EU countries like Spain, France, and Italy have not been able to sign compacts despite the fact that they are operating under the same EU laws which would make such agreements a possibility.

Many other issues face the international compact idea.  Jurisdictions have different regulatory platforms and rules that need compromise and resolution. Even in the USA where Nevada and Delaware have already completed a compact agreement regarding liquidity and sharing have not been able to implement it because of various technical problems and goals.

Internationally the mere fact that the required age for gambling in the U.K is only eighteen years but in New Jersey it is twenty one would create a problem for administrators. Other variable technical differences between US and European operators could cause a disruption in the fair play amongst players in different jurisdictions.


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