Online Gambling Firm Unibet Must Remove Ads

Published Sunday, January 11, 2015 -
Online Gambling Firm Unibet Must Remove Ads

The United Kingdom’s Advertizing Standards Authority relies on the public to call in problematic adverts and act accordingly after an adjudication process. A recent decision by the ASA has resulted in the upholding of three issues investigated regarding ads from the online gambling firm Unibet.

The ASA received three complaints in all that claimed they understood from the advertisements that players were required to place further bets at specified odds in order to withdraw funds and that they would receive a refund of the stake in bonus rather than cash if the bet was lost. The complaints maintained the claim "risk-free bet" in the ads was misleading.

Unibet responded to the complaints maintaining the wording of the offer was “commonly used” in the gambling industry further saying players should be familiar with an offer similar to these.  “Unibet explained that it was not the case that six unique bets were required to be placed as part of the turnover, but rather the subsequent bet placed in and with the turnover must be six times in value of the refunded stake.”

Upholding the complaints after a lengthy adjudication process the ASA stated,  “We noted that consumers were required to place the first bet with their own money after the registration for a new account as the first condition of the offer and their winnings could be withdrawn in cash if they had won the first bet,” the statement continued, “Although consumers would not be required to wager further money of their own during the turnover process if they had lost the first bet, they would be required to use the returned bonus to place further bets in order to qualify for the withdrawal of the stake refunded as cash.”

The ASA ruled that the adverts must not appear again in their current format and that Unibet should not use the claim ‘risk-free’ to describe this offer in other ads, also warning the operator to make clear all material information and significant conditions in future ads.





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