Online Poker Proposal Reintroduced In California USA

Published Sunday, January 25, 2015 -
Online Poker Proposal Reintroduced In California USA

California USA has been trying without much luck to introduce legal online poker in that jurisdiction for some time now. Debate over the wording and fairness of previously unsuccessful proposals regarding online poker introduced in the Californian legislature has been described as fierce and intense.

PokerStars has been part of the ongoing debate that sparks much of the controversy with regards to the PokerStars determination as a bad actor in online poker’s history in America. The reintroduction of Bill AB 167 by Assemblyman Reggie Jones Sawyer into the Californian legislature includes a few modifications over the previous proposals. One change is that there will be no eligibility for the horse racing industry to offer online poker, and the bad actor clause will also be taken out allowing PokerStars to take part in the online poker offering in California.  It was noted that the Department of Justice and the California Gambling Control Commission were consulted on the wording of the reintroduced bill.

PokerStars and its coalition, which includes three Californian card rooms, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians are all now in support of the reconstructed online poker bill for the Golden State. There is still some opposition from the other side such as the Pechange tribe, who are disappointed that the restructured legislation disregards important principles.

The coalition issued a statement aimed at making a positive change in California’s online gambling law, “In place of previous attempts to use the legislative process to provide competitive advantages to a few operators, Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer’s bill brings parties with diverse interests together to move legislation forward. It is time to move on, and move forward. We are pleased that Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer recognizes this. We applaud his efforts to shift the discussion in a new and hopefully more fruitful direction.”




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