Social Online Casino Legal Debate Rages On

Published Thursday, February 12, 2015 -
Social Online Casino Legal Debate Rages On

Online gambling has detractors in America with Sheldon Adelson creating a negative image of the activity and now Utah republican representative Jason Chaffetz is also moving to outlaw regulated online gambling. The representative is bent on the re-introduction of America’s Wire Act to include not only real-money gambling but also social casino activity.

Chaffetz commented during a press conference, “If you go look right now, you’ll see they have successfully blurred the lines,” adding, “You’ll see in one instance Wizard of Oz characters being used to encourage young kids to play the slots.”  

Last August Mr. Chaffetz brought readers attention to the issue in a Newsweek article were he talked about social casino site Slotomania which is operated by Caesars which is a site that  players are able to buy chips, but are never allowed to cash out those chips.

The former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown also put social casino gambling and real money online gambling in the same boat in efforts to further the Adelson created Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.

It has been noted that social casino games are not governed by gambling regulators but the line between real money online gambling and social internet play has become fuzzy at best. The debate rages on in Europe and of course in America where studies have pointed out that there is the potential for gambling addiction even though there is no monetary reward during the process.

Social online gambling for virtual points is debated from many angles and could be affected by the reintroduction of America’s Wire Act which would regulate all aspects of internet betting for real or for just fun. Millions of dollars are being invested in social online gambling businesses that are being threatened by the debate over what constitutes a prize and what is real gambling. Risk is part of business and if operators see the potential of social casinos as profitable then they will proliferate.

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