Olympic Sports Betting Considered in Nevada

Published Saturday, February 14, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Olympic Sports Betting Considered in Nevada

In the world of sports the Olympics have been always been regarded as being at the top of the heap as far as international sporting competition is concerned. Gambling on Olympic events has not been sanctioned in the state of Nevada but now authorities there are considering changing that.

It was recently revealed that the Nevada Gaming Control Board is backing a proposal for the Silver state to legalise betting on the summer and winter Olympic Games there have been reports in iGaming Business News that mention that there is a movement afoot to lobby the state legislators to sanction and make legal gambling on Olympic events.

The rational behind the prohibition in Nevada is the fact the Olympics are considered an amateur competition and it is illegal to bet on amateur sporting events. The argument for a change in that designation comes from the examples of other jurisdictions around the world that benefit from the legal betting on the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Nevada could use the extra revenue generated by the addition of online and offline betting on Olympic sports. Marie Bell, The executive secretary of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Marie Bell, was quoted by the Bloomberg news agency saying that wagering would be legal in the state for “Olympic sporting or athletic events sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, subject to limitation by the chairman or the chairman’s designee in his sole and absolute discretion”.

The lobbying effort coincides with other efforts to legalize sports betting on a wider scale gets into  gear by a number of high-profile individuals in the US. One example recently is the new commissioner of North America’s Major League Baseball Rob Manfred, who earlier this week became the latest sporting figure voice his positive thoughts on expanding sports betting nationally.


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