U.K.Gambling Commission Improves Safety for Players

Published Monday, February 16, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K.Gambling Commission Improves Safety for Players

Europe has had regulated online gambling for a number of years and the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission has kept abreast of the needed changes. The U.K. Gambling Commission is taking steps to ensure responsible gambling is a priority for the online gambling industry. The implementation of a new taxation and licensing regime, in the United Kingdom the organization is calling for greater emphasis on getting the message across to the public that gambling must be done responsibly.

A review of the systems efforts in 2014 revealed that there were many policies in place that could be improved by the gambling industry. A revised version of the published Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice has been given to the operators identifying the weak areas that need addressing.

The biding regulatory rules will see an official updated version in the spring with more emphasis being paid to “social responsibility”. The U.K.’s Gambling Commission’s Chairperson, Philip Graf commented, “The work we have done through the review represents a significant strengthening of the social responsibility measures in the LCCP. But we have reached the point at which it is clear that much more could be achieved if anonymous gambling in cash was not such a prominent feature of land-based gambling,”

Graf has used a model from Sweden that’s been successful. The Commission wants licensed operations to be more transparent and be prepared to give players help and assistance 24/7. The measures the Gambling Commission wants to enhance are moves to make it harder for underage children to register and open accounts for online betting as well as improved self-exclusion abilities and more trained personnel to help those with problem gambling issues. The use of misleading advertizing by gambling operators is also to be more closely monitored.

The government efforts to make betting safer for the consumer may cost operators some of the bottom line which in all likely hood will be passed on to the player.

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