New Security Technology For Online Gambling Industry

Published Wednesday, February 18, 2015 -
New Security Technology For Online Gambling Industry

Security is a primary directive for online gambling operators as well as every player who opens an account with a gambling services provider. Technology is ensuring that age and identity including location are all complying with the regulations set out by the various jurisdictions.

Government organized online gambling casinos and card rooms offer these activities for real money but only after the operators prove their systems secure and fair. Companies are coming on-stream that provide the security measures in a simple and convenient method for registration that is accurate and stable.

Verie a new firm in the field of Biometric solutions has developed an application that with facial recognition changes a smart phone into an identification tool. It takes a mere five seconds of scanning  and then a scan of the front and back of a drivers license or any government issued identification document to verify a person’s identity by matching the five second clip with the photo ID.

Verie CMO and co-founder Anatoly Nirshberg, commented, “We quickly realized that the idea of a virtual ID that is carried along with the user, and that can identify the user in time and place on demand, would have a huge impact on all manner of online interactions,” It is obvious this technology could be used by an number of industries including online gambling money processors and others. The application is just for mobile use which is taking over the internet betting world and has high level security measures installed.

Nirshberg  continued to add, ”Our security measures are largely proprietary, but I can elaborate on two things: First, we are basically holding ourselves to the same standard as a Notary Public, so our ID verification process is quite stringent,” Nirshberg said, “Second, our co-founder, Hemu, is an Internet security adviser to governments and businesses throughout the world, and will be maintaining the most advanced security processes available.”


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