Legal Gambling On Sports In America Possible

Published Saturday, February 21, 2015 -
Legal Gambling On Sports In America Possible

There is a movement afoot in the United States that is gaining traction regarding the legalization of gambling on sports. It has become clear that there are many proponents that want to see changes in the existing laws in America that prohibits online or offline gambling on sporting events except in Nevada.  A recent announcement by the National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts, confirmed that the group will begin looking into legalizing sports betting in other jurisdictions in the US.

Along with Mr. Roberts there have been others including Major League Baseball commissioner Ron Manfred, calling for reform of the laws regarding sports betting in the States. Manfred, said that the league should make a stand on sports betting and that he plans to have meetings with team owners in order to establish a position on the matter. Manfred was quoted by sports broadcaster ESPN as saying, “Gambling in terms of our society has changed its presence on legalisation,” Manfred continued to add, “I think it’s important for there to be a conversation between me and the owners about what our institutional position will be.”

Adam Silver, commissioner of the North American National Basketball Association has become a major spokesperson fostering changes in the status quo and it appears that the NBPA will add support to the effort for new rules. Roberts added, “Everyone has known for years that there is a ton of money being made that's not being enjoyed, frankly, by the people who are creating the games, both the owners and the players,”

Roberts continued, “I know all the negatives that up to today have kept gambling outside of the realm of what is appropriate in terms of sports.” Roberts continued, “But let's not ignore the big elephant in the room. There's a lot of money being made.”



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