William Hill Consolidates Gambling Brands in Australia

Published Monday, February 23, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
William Hill Consolidates Gambling Brands in Australia

The global online gambling industry is incredibly competitive and creating brand loyalty is a priority for companies in the business large and small. When one firm takes over another a choice is made whether to maintain the old identity or to rebrand and start fresh.

The latest example of a rebranding initiative comes with the acquisition of Sportingbet Australia, Centrebet, and bookmaker TomWaterhouse.com by William Hill. The exercise in reconfiguring a popular brand’s identity is a task that is approached with some caution but is necessary to minimize confusion in the marketplace where the choices for consumers of online betting products can be enormous.

William Hill has along and rich history of 80 years and has stood the test of time in a changing market that has been flooded with new and interesting offerings. Retired CEO of William Hill Ralph Topping, said soon after the acquisitions that the company is working towards becoming an even more popular company that offers a larger complement of betting options compatible with mobile devices. Sportingbet in Australia is part of the new strategy by William Hill to expand its interactive division in a global context.

The new CEO of William Hill Australia Tom Waterhouse has been active in shaping the image of the entity by transforming the three acquired firms into one platform and reconfiguring the marketing strategy for William Hill.

Waterhouse explained, "There's been a whole bunch of things to get right before we could say now is time to hit the go button [on the rebrand]," adding, "To be at that stage and to be going down the path of being able to launch the brand here is terrific, it's really exciting." Sportingbet will be converted to William Hill just in time for the Autumn Racing Carnival, as well as the beginning of the rugby league and AFL schedule. The rebranding of Centrebet will occur later in the year, while the Tom Waterhouse brand will disappear early in 2016.




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