Responsible Gambling A Priority in Spain

Published Tuesday, February 24, 2015 -
Responsible Gambling A Priority in Spain

Many jurisdictions around the globe have regulated online gambling that has become part of the cultural landscape with advertizing and sponsorship efforts made by the operators. Some newly regulated and liberalized locations have also tried to keep a lid on the amount of influence that the online gambling operators have on the general population in media of all types.

Spain recently legalized and made available internet betting in an effort to gain more revenue from wagering. With that expanded offering questions are being raised about the quantity of advertizing for gambling products in the nation. Authorities are maintaining a cautious approach when it comes to protecting the Spanish punter from too much exposure urging gambling participation.

Sports sponsorship and media spots related to internet betting companies are about to face a restrictive environment proposed by the government.  The Spanish Senate has taken a stand that they will actively pursue a policy to promote responsible gambling and harm reduction protecting the younger demographic and those that are vulnerable.

As things stand now the advertizing for the industry is for the most part self regulating but motions are being considered that will put limitations on the proliferation of adverts and enshrine them in the law this year. Pop up ads on mobile devices are to be prohibited and any ad that is targeting youth is also to be outlawed.

While it is pure speculation right now the proposed move for restrictions will certainly evoke heated debate and push back from industry participants. It has been suggested by experts that the process could be a long one and even if passed amendments are sure to follow any restrictions especially those involving deals with sports clubs and online gambling operators licensed in Spain.

Big online gambling operators such as and 888poker will feel the impact of reduced advertizing in the Spanish betting market.




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