Italian Politician Proposes Gambling Advert Ban

Published Wednesday, February 25, 2015 -
Italian Politician Proposes Gambling Advert Ban

The movement is spreading across the online gambling jurisdictions in Europe calling for a prohibition on gambling advertizing. It was suggested that Spain is planning on changing its laws concerning the standards for advertizing of gambling products in that nation. A recent article in Poker News has revealed that Italian politicians are also ready to make some changes in the gambling laws there that may include a total ban on adverts for gambling. Italy’s opposition leader Beppe Grillo is calling on the Italian Parliament to debate a bill that focuses on "a full ban on gambling advertising."

Grillo is saying that the ruling Government has ignored the proposal of a full ban on gambling advertizing prepared by his political party, the Movimento 5 Stelle.  Grillo says "the majority is under the thumb of the gambling industry and its lobbyists."

Mr.Grillo wrote in his influential blog accusing the government of neglecting and conspiring with the gambling industry on the proposition he declared, "The draft is ready since February 11,"  "The Government decided to make it available to the gambling industry and not to the members of the Parliament - they told us that the document is secret and that we have to wait." Grillo went on to explain that the reforms of gambling laws planned by the Government has no intention of introducing any significant measures to combat the compulsive gambling issues facing Italian punters. Grillo also states that, "The ban on gambling ads, that should have been a total one along the lines of the one applied to cigarettes, will be completely insignificant."

It has been suggested that should the opposition leader be successful in having a total ban on adverts for gambling that it may hurt an already soft online poker market in Italy. It was reported that the general opinion among political leaders and experts that the online gambling division looks relatively safe as the announced 'ban' on gambling ads is not as strict as what was proposed initially.




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