Online Gambling Opposition Debate Continues

Published Sunday, March 01, 2015 -
Online Gambling Opposition Debate Continues

Online gambling is legal in 85 countries on the planet and it was estimated a few years ago that it was a$35 billion dollar industry. America is a large jurisdiction that is considering legalizing online poker on a national level but poker, along with other forms of online betting face opposition from different sectors of the US society.

The religious sector in many parts of the world has been an opponent to gambling in all forms. Australia has experienced political upheaval over gambling liberalization. America is also in some ways experiencing a movement opposed to online gambling motivated by moral reasoning.

American culture is diverse and there are many points of view that are reflected in the laws that the various states have embraced. Utah is an example of a state that has one of the strictest attitudes toward gambling of any sort in the nation. With most states, you can imagine at least some scenario, in which online poker regulation might come to pass. With Utah, it is literally impossible to imagine a plausible scenario where Utah-regulated Internet poker becomes a reality.

There are only two states in America that don't allow any type of regulated gambling and Hawaii is the other. In 2012 Utah decided to pass a law that updated state statutes to more comprehensively address gambling conducted online.

The advent of mobile internet betting is making access is to online betting even more of concern for the opponents to the activity. Technology is overwhelming the endeavours of morally motivated opposition to online betting because of its popularity. There is some obvious backlash from governments around the world to the amount of advertizing for gambling services in the media outlets and sports sponsorships. The influence of the gambling debate is everywhere in the world and the choice to gamble or not is still a free one.


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