Online Gambling's BetVictor Advertizes Other Services

Published Saturday, March 07, 2015 -
Online Gambling's BetVictor Advertizes Other Services

The internet has inspired many business people involved in wagering to embrace the new age of betting and build divisions dedicated to the industry.

Victor Chandler is a pioneer in the online betting world being one of the first bookmakers to create an online platform for wagering. . Having initially specialised in online sports betting, the company now incorporates online casino and poker. Victor was one of the first to recognise the huge demand for these types of products. The business now turns over in excess of £1billion and has over half a million customers in over 160 different countries with betting and gaming sites available in a multitude of languages.

Now the company is owned by Betvictor is now owned by business man and racehorse owner Michael Tabor but it still maintains its homespun attitude for a straight deal and a sense of humour that reminds you that this game is meant to be fun. It was recently reported that BetVictor has launched an advertizing campaign for television in the UK as part of an effort to gain more traction to the other sectors of the business that don’t involve football wagering.

The campaign will feature three adverts, focusing  on BetVictor's betting services for horse racing, tennis or cricket. UK television will air the adverts in anticipation of the Cheltenham Festival annual horse racing event. The BetVictor mascot Maurice, will feature Maurice, clothed in jockey outfits, is faced with a number of general questions that he answers in a funny way.

BetVictor Chief marketing officer for BetVictor Anton Bell, commented, “Our Maurice character has quickly become one of the most instantly recognisable advert stars on TV today and Maurice in the ‘hot seat’ provides us with a platform to communicate to the wider betting audience, across the many sports set to dominate the British spring and summer,”




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