Online Sports Betting Operator SkyBet Odds Mistake

Published Sunday, March 15, 2015 -
Online Sports Betting Operator SkyBet Odds Mistake

Technology has brought us the internet and online gambling is dependent on the reliability of the information given to the public when it comes to making informed decisions when placing bets. Savvy punters search the internet and its many offerings for the best payout on games and teams and tend to trust the operators to be honest and reliable. When that trust is broken the media fall out can devastate the reputation of even the biggest online gambling operators.

An example of how reading the fine print can be the most important factor when choosing a company to place your bet with came to light when SkyBet decided to not honour odds it offered during a recent Chelsea match. Now the firm has been branded a ‘rip-off company by the media and punters alike.  The mobile Sky Bet application terms and conditions that punters were using has been downloaded 700,000 times on to iPhones and iPads says it reserves the right to ‘correct obvious errors and either settle bets at the correct odds or void bets’.

SkyBet customers are demanding a bigger payout after placing wagers with Sky Bet mobile phone app which was offering odds of 25-1 for a PSG win in extra time but then when it came to payouts on those bets, SkyBet paid out at only 9-2. This change meant winnings for a £10 wager would be cut from £260 to £55, including the return of the originally gambled amount. Sky Bet claims the better odds were offered by ‘mistake’ and its actions are in keeping with the terms and conditions agreed to by the customers. Punters who correctly bet on the result were told they would be paid less than they expected only at the end of the game with an email from SkyBet informing customers the glitch was caused by an ‘administration error’. Richard Flint, Sky Bet’s managing director stated the longer odds were ‘clearly’ wrong.




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