March Madness Wagering Embraced By Americans

Published Monday, March 16, 2015 -
March Madness Wagering Embraced By Americans

Gambling on sports whether online or off is the one of the largest sectors in the gaming world with billions being wagered daily. The many events in the world of sport include cricket, boxing, football and one of the biggest sporting events in America, basketball.

March Madness as it is called in the States is known for the college basketball tournament where betting rivals even America’s football league championship Super Bowl. Gambling on basketball is a normal activity engaged in by almost every walk of life in the USA. Now that selection Sunday has been accomplished the bracket betting begins. There are 136 games in March madness and that’s not including the conference title games that precede it so there are lots of decisions to be made by the punter.

The study conducted by the American Gaming Association has concluded that over 40 million US citizens will fill out more than 70 million brackets.  More brackets will be filled over the next few weeks than the 66 million ballots cast during the US elections in 2012.

AGA president and CEO Geoff Freeman commented, “Sports betting has played a major role in making March Madness the big-time event it is today,” Freeman continued to explain,  “With more people filling out brackets than casting a ballot for President Obama who makes his NCAA predictions in the Oval Office each year it’s clear that Americans embrace gaming.”

March Madness has sports books lining up the action on March Madness with office pools also seeing large betting numbers. The AGA poll, conducted by GfK Custom Research North America, predicts office pool betting will reach $2 billion this year. The total amount wagered o March Madness legally and illegally is expected to get to $9 billion this year according to the AGA estimates. There aren’t any second chances in the tournament it’s a winner-take-all in every game so wagering can be intense and exciting.



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