Online Gambling Coming Fast to Alberta

Published Friday, March 20, 2015 -
Online Gambling Coming Fast to Alberta

Legal online gambling offered by provincial government organizations is available in all of Canada’s jurisdictions except Saskatchewan and the next door province of Alberta. Now Alberta has plans to create an online gambling presence before the end of 2015.

Ontario just got around to setting up its online gambling operation but it took years to accomplish this. The need for speed is in the plan in Alberta where the administration announced in January that the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGL that the concept of a legal online gambling offering by the government was “actively under review.” Then in February the AGLC had already opened a tender for technology providers for the activity. The providers were allowed a short month to submit their proposals.  Finance Minister Robin Campbell made the announcement about the move at the spring convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.

Alberta is undergoing a serious financial restructuring following the sharp decline in the price of crude oil which the provincial government depends on for a major portion of its revenue. Te online gambling proposal and the speed the legislation and implementation is going is not sitting well with opposition politicians. Liberal party leader David Swann was quoted as saying in the Calgary Herald news source the proposal “certainly hasn’t been presented to us in the legislature and presented to the public. It sounds like it is a fait accompli, which is unsettling in the least.” Although Finance Minister Campbell maintains that online gambling will only happen if the province “decide[s] to go that route.”

It has been estimated that online gambling web locations from offshore locations garners approximately $150 million in bets from the Alberta`s players. The province wants some of that money to fund rural charities and other social needs. The same reasons for introducing online gambling are evident in other jurisdictions where governments are under financial pressure.



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