Online Gambling Glamorized in the USA

Published Sunday, March 22, 2015 -
Online Gambling Glamorized in the USA

There are statistics available on gambling that point to the vulnerabilities of people and how society tries to protect them from addiction. But government organized casinos online and off advertize extensively making it really hard to abstain from gambling, because it is everywhere. Almost every store has a ticket booth to make us millionaires. Gambling has become a glamorized activity that creates dreams to swell ones current status.

Granted there are adverts that point out the problems of addicted gambling behaviour but it seems there are many more that portray the good life of winners. The stats on gambling addiction are staggering in the USA for example Harvard research suggested addicted gamblers tend to relapse. Between 4% and 8% of America`s youth become addicted and this is attributed to society accepting gambling as a means for making money.

This change in society can be seen with the incredible interest in the game of poker which many proponents of the game say requires skill and not just luck. The television programs and the huge amount of cash wagered on the flip of the cards is exciting as an observer let alone a participant.

Organizations and governments have been playing catch up when it comes to internet gambling addiction. The speed that online casinos are moving especially through the implementation of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is outpacing efforts to keep the vulnerable and young protected from issues related to wagering. The online gambling industry itself has taken measures to maintain a healthy respect for the process of internet betting by providing resources to those in trouble while reminding those who appear to be out of control to step back and reflect on the consequences of excess. The first thing anyone who thinks they may have a problem with gambling must do is admit it and to not be afraid and seek the appropriate help.

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