Online Poker Study Reveals It Takes Skill To Win

Published Wednesday, March 25, 2015 -
Online Poker Study Reveals It Takes Skill To Win

The debate over whether or not poker players need skill to win is over according to a recent study conducted in the UK and the Netherlands. The University of Nottingham's of School of Economics professor Dr. Dennie Van Dolder was quoted in the Daily Mails news sources as saying  that the study revealed, “skilled players will consistently outperform less skilled players if enough hands... are played”.

Erasmus University Rotterdam and VU University Amsterdam, partnered with Nottingham in the exhaustive study that was based on a databank of 456 million player observations over a twelve month period of online play. The study revealed that those players who placed in the top-performing 10% within the first six months of the year were two times as likely as others to do well in the next six months.

It was interesting to notice that poker looks like a progressive learning experience for the better players.   Tens of thousands of simulations, were executed by the researchers during which the best players played against the worst and winnings were compared. And although the better players fared only slightly better over the course of just a few hands, they were better off more than 75% of the time when the total of hands had reached the magic number of 1,471.

It appears the tax man may have a chance to legislate poker as a skilled occupation and therefore taxable. Dr. Van Dolder continued to add his opinion on the subject of taxation, “If so then our findings represent both good and bad news for players. The good news is they will have the satisfaction of knowing the game they love is recognised as requiring real skill. “The bad news is that one day they might have to start handing some of their winnings to the taxman if the policymaking community takes notice of findings like ours.”




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