Pro Wrestling Online Odds Fluctuations

Published Monday, March 30, 2015 -
Pro Wrestling Online Odds Fluctuations

Wagering on sporting events is probably the most difficult to make accurate predictions with all the last minute changes possible. Most sports betting fans study and have theories concerning what team or participant will make the money. The use of online sports betting bookies has greatly improved the availability of information available to the gambler.

Some sporting events seem to be a lot more predictable  the sport of professional wrestling. For example betting on the Wrestlemania odds is harder than you would think. In the run-up to the presentation, numerous sports books released odds on the matches scheduled for the event. The odds were up and down significantly in the late portion of the roster proving that wrestling can be hard to bet on.

There have been a number of recent examples where the odds on events have actually done a total flip where the underdog becomes the favourite. A big fluctuation in the odds happened in Wrestlemania 31 with the match between Triple H and Sting. Sting was the overwhelming favorite at 1/7 odds with Triple H the serious underdog at 4/1 odds. Then the odds on the two wrestlers flipped with Sting now on the receiving end of 4/1 odds. The world of professional wrestling has a reputation as being a show of shows and the wagering odds on the events making complete about turns is part of the fantasy aspect in some ways. Underdogs that rise to the top is something that happens relatively frequently but there are more examples than critics of professional wrestling really want to admit.

It may be too early to tell but it may be that the underdog odds are the best bet for the wagering public unless the WWE feels otherwise and flips them the other way. It is difficult to be sure to bet on sports but with Wrestlemania its best to sharpen that pencil.


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