Virgin Online Gambling Planning Expansion

Published Wednesday, April 08, 2015 -
Virgin Online Gambling Planning Expansion

The online gambling industry has matured in the United Kingdom over the time it has been available with operators using a proven and successful business model. Expanding in the United Kingdom is limited considering the global aspect of online betting there are firms that are seeking to get involved in other regulated jurisdictions. There are a few places in the world that present potential profits for operators who offer online gambling products two being New Jersey and California.

British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s, Virgin Group is aiming at launching their Virgin Casino subsidiary in a partnership with the Tropicana Casino to become the first operator to offer legal online bingo in the USA.   Virgin Casino and Virgin Games are offered through a licence obtained by the Gamesys group.  

Virgin is making moves on obtaining a license to offer gambling services in New Jersey a US jurisdiction that has recently legalized online gambling through partnerships with land based casino operators. The online betting industry in New Jersey is expanding and like the United Kingdom is going through growing pains related to regulation and tax regimes.

Virgin is also looking at the possibility of expanding into California even though online regulation has been stalling in the state legislature for six years. The reason Virgin is looking at California is the potential revenue gain. California has a population of about 40 million and is one of the richest, per capita, in the States. California clearly has a passion for gambling but few legal offerings are available. Gamesys recently received £425.8 million from private equity group Intertain for a suite of key brands that will be used to entertain the market in America.

Virgin CEO Simon Burridge has spoken of Florida and California as early targets for Virgin Casino as well as international markets in South Africa, France and Spain. Burridge said he believed that an expansion agenda would require serious investment and marketing. Virgin Casino is poised to storm the online gambling market on many fronts.

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