Live Sports Betting Featured By Unibet

Published Sunday, April 12, 2015 -
Live Sports Betting Featured By Unibet

Unibet is based in Malta and is owned by Nordic OMX listed public company Unibet Group plc. In 2012, the company’s turnover was GBP 197.2 million. Unibet has as many as 9.7 million customers in over 100 countries and 650 people work for the enterprise.

Unibet Group Plc. includes 3 brands, Unibet as a branded site, Maria with online bingo and casino, and Kambi as sports book operator. Part of Unibets primary markets are the Netherlands, Belgium and the Nordic region. The firm has recently created a new campaign to advertize the live sports betting services that it offers. The Albion advertising agency from the UK has designed the ‘Frozen Moments’ campaign which showcases the company’s offering of 90,000 in-play markets, which allows for the placing of bets during a game and the live-streaming of over 30,000 events on the Unibet web site.

The cricket related content in particular has been made to target the UK punter and help Unibet increase its presence in that region, expanding the operator’s main market which ventures across Scandinavia. The adverts focus on sportsmen in real situations, which have been slowed to down to demonstrate how a certain moment in the match could have an impact on the final outcome.

Unibet has partnered with various media outlets including the Masters golf tournament in the USA and the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket competition presented both digitally and on television.

Jason Goodman, chief executive officer of the Albion advertising agency commented on the thinking behind the ad focus, “To use a sporting analogy, it’s rather like muscle memory. “In the same way you train to play a game, the intelligent bettor watches thousands of hours of live sport, studies the form and the stats, so that when it comes to betting live they can react to the market and exercise that edge.”







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