Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Trend Growing Fast

Published Sunday, April 26, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Trend Growing Fast

It may not be online sports betting for real but fantasy sports wagering is getting a great deal of attention of late in the news. The reason being the fantasy sports betting industry has taken off and is garnering a lot of attention from legislators and government officials who regard the pass time as entertainment and not real gambling per say. A recent move by the US fantasy sports games company FanDuel that secured a major presence in NFL American football by signing multi-year sponsorship agreements with 15 of the league’s teams has many lawmakers looking a little closer at the situation.

FanDuel is a company that has made a serious dent in the daily fantasy sports market. Entering into the NFL market in November of last year through a deal with the Washington Redskins, FanDuel  has now expanded its empire with 14 new agreements and others on the horizon. The deal details are not known but it has been suggested that FanDuel will enjoy various benefits such as in-stadium, digital and radio exposure in addition to promotion of its free games to the huge fan base. FanDuel will also have the privilege of being the naming sponsor of an executive seating section at the Redskins’ FedEx Field home stadium.

Brian McCarthy the spokesperson for the NFL commented, “The daily fantasy marketplace is in its infancy. “A team sponsor is a company that can use the team logo or say, 'we are the official (company) of the team.” McCarthy continued, “That is not the case here. These companies are not team sponsors. Officially or unofficially.  They do not have any designations. Teams have advertising arrangements from a variety of companies, but that doesn't make every one of them a team sponsor.”

Daily fantasy sports betting is not gambling because it requires skill from one point of view but keeping the ball in play for American sports fans is the name of the game in the case of the daily fantasy sports betting trend.





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