Japan Under Pressure To Pass Legal Casino Gambling Bill

Published Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Japan Under Pressure To Pass Legal Casino Gambling Bill

Gambling in Japan is for the most part prohibited in Japan however, there are several exceptions, including betting on the horses and some motor sports. Public sports lotteries and toto or football pools are held with specific laws in place to increase the revenue of national and local governments, as well as to offer some entertainment to the general public. Japan has an interesting history when it comes to gambling and its attitude towards it that exists still today. Bakuto were itinerant gamblers in Japan from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. They were one of the forerunners of the modern Japanese crime gangs known as yakuza which the Japanese police believe is behind illegal gambling activities in the country.

There have been a number of attempts to legalise casino gambling in Japan all without success. The idea of regulated online gambling has been also debate with not much positive movement in potentially one of the world most lucrative untapped markets for online casino products. Online gambling law in Japan is legal for sports and race betting but other forms of gambling are prohibited. The Japan Net Bank and Bank of Rakuten, both Internet-only banks, sell sports lottery tickets through their websites.

Pro-casino lawmakers have submitted a bill to parliament to legalise casino gambling recently well ahead of the 2020 Olympics coming to Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sees this kind of money generator related to tourism as a boon to the country’s economy which is in real need after the devastation of the Tsunami. A co operative effort from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, the Japan Innovation Party and the Party for Future Generations submitted the bill for discussion.

The pressure is on the members to get this bill into a second reading in order to carry on with details on regulations. It has been suggested there is barely enough time to build the infrastructure of resorts and casinos in time for the Olympic Games in 2020.


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