Britain Gambles On Royal Baby Name Game

Published Saturday, May 02, 2015 -
Britain Gambles On Royal Baby Name Game

Simply put, it is never a safe bet when it comes to baby names but the bookies giving odds on the new Royal arrival are sure they could make some money predicting what the Royal couple fancy as a name for lovely little daughter. The betting was frantic on the gender of the child and the arrival date, exact time and other events related to the new princess. The predictions are all in good fun and add a different kind of excitement to the grandeur and ceremony of the royal presence.

Since the birth the bookies in England have been changing their odds quickly from long-time favourite Alice  to Charlotte which has since become the new favourite. William Hill slashed the odds of the baby being named Princess Charlotte with odds standing at 5/4 and Alice at odds of 11/8 after them are Elizabeth at 9/2, Victoria at 7/1 and Alexandra at 9/1. Diana is coming in at 10/1. The Daily Mail gives some historical background as to why the Duke and Duchess could choose Charlotte which is the feminine form of Charles and if chosen the name would honour the Duke's father and the baby's grandfather, the Prince of Wales. Queen Charlotte, was born in 1744, using her second name instead of her given first name, Sophie. Her daughter, born in 1766, was also called Charlotte and later was known as the Princess Royal. Charlotte is also Kate's sister Pippa Middleton middle name.  

Alice also has some interesting historical facts related to the Royal family. Alice was the long term favourite pick for the bookies. Princess Alice was the third child and second daughter of Queen Victoria and the great-grandmother of the Duke of Edinburgh. William Hill speculates that should the couple choose Alice as the name for their daughter the firm stands to lose £100,000. It could cost the industry £500,000 or more. What a gamble simple put on a name.




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