Online Political Wagering Requires Skill and Research

Published Friday, May 08, 2015 -
Online Political Wagering Requires Skill and Research

The United Kingdom has just elected a slim majority conservative government which took the book makers a little off guard. A month ago the odds makers at William Hill Sport, offered 1/6 odds that there will be no overall majority, 5/1 for a Conservative majority and 16/1 for a Labour one; UKIP and the Liberal Democrats weren't given many chances.

Betting on political outcomes is not always that easy but there are many resources available to help one make up their mind. Ladbrokes even launched a special mini-site called "The Ladbrokes Lowdown", offering those who fancy a flutter with tools with which they can make better, more accurate wagers. The interactive graph shows how the predictions will affect the political scene following the outcomes of the election. It is estimated that as much as £100 million will be bet on the election, making it the largest wagered on event not involving sports. There are many betting markets including constituency bets, election turnout, party with most seats and specials that offer odds on the possibility of a coalition structure.

Already because of the election results in the United Kingdom leaders of several defeated political parties have resigned leaving speculation to punters and bookies as to who will fill those positions. Political betting still has lots of takers even though the main event at least in the U.K. has transpired. Paddy Power’s online sports page features political betting on politics in Ireland the USA, Scotland. And the European Union.

Many of the online web gambling web offering  gently remind punters that politics is very much like sports betting in so much that both require research and knowledge to make informative wagers and to gamble with intelligence and not emotion or in other words to gamble responsibly within ones means.

It is not sure if the election of a Conservative majority in the United Kingdom will bring any changes to the current status of the online gambling industry there.


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