Alberta Canada Will Consider Online Gambling Offering

Published Friday, June 12, 2015 -
Alberta Canada Will Consider Online Gambling Offering

Canada has been slowly adopting online gambling in some provinces but not all. Ontario one of the country’s largest and most populated areas has recently established a legal government operated online gambling offering that took literally years to develop. Other provincial run online gambling offerings are keeping pace with the trend and are doing well according to recent reports. British Columbia for example has been operating its Play Now online casino for a few years now with respectable revenues being generated.

Alberta the province that has much of its economy based on the oil industry has been under pressure lately due to the lower price of crude and the recent upset with the election of an NDP government which is the first significant change in politics in that province in many years. The New Democrats are a little overwhelmed at the moment to start discussing the implementation of an online gambling offering in the province. Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s press secretary Carolyn Gregson was clear when she said that online gambling is not something they’re focused on right now. Instead, the top priority is the spending bills coming to the legislature.

The Alberta Liquor and Commission did earlier this year ask companies if they could provide a “turn-key” internet gaming solution, but the bid stressed the government was only asking for interested parties, and was not offering contracts. Michelle Hynes-Dawson, a spokesperson for the commission commented, “It was just a request for what we could have,” she added, “There was a lot of interest and lots of vendors out there.”

Gregson also commented on the issue, “It’s all interim supply right now,” adding, “It (online gambling) is probably something he will look at more closely over the summer.”

Prior to the election Brian Mason an NDP MLA was critical of the previous government’s plan to introduce internet betting for Albertans saying it was a crass attempt to get more provincial revenues.



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