Record Online and Ontrack Betting On Horse Race History

Published Sunday, June 14, 2015 -
Record Online and Ontrack Betting On Horse Race History

The interest in Horse racing and what would it be today if it were not for all the gambling on the sport of kings. The recent win of the Triple Crown by the very confident young horse American Pharoah has the world of horse racing in America shaken but not necessarily stirred.

The Triple Crown was a stunner in all its glory the Kentucky Derby still has the same exciting ambiance as ever but when the race goes down in the history books it it is something to take note of. American Pharoah was out in front to win the Belmont Stakes by 5 1/2 lengths Saturday, becoming the first horse since 1978 to sweep the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes considered one of the world of sports most difficult feats.  The Triple Crown win had not been made since 1978 when the horse Affirmed won the three races on different tracks at varying distances over a five-week span. American Pharoah is the 12th horse to take the honour since 1919.

The betting before this major change in the way having a new Triple Crown champion may set the bench mark higher for the odds makers. The books were on to the possibility of American Pharoah taking the race so when those 100,000 fans of the bay colt began spilling those drinks and cheering it wasn’t a big surprise for some of the savvy bookies.

It may seem a little hard to believe but the gamblers on wall street who think money management is a science didn’t believe that American Pharoah could pull the rabbit out of the hat. CNN reported recently about the U.S. stock market falling  9%, on average, for the rest of the year when there's a Triple Crown winner. To put it another way, stocks sank 90% of the time after the big win the article read. The article also said it's alarming how often the Triple Crown coincides with economic gloom.

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