Italian Online Poker Needs Legislated Change

Published Wednesday, June 17, 2015 -
Italian Online Poker Needs Legislated Change

Online poker has been going through some changes in the European gambling market with declines being felt across the board. In an effort to gain more traction and secure better market share government operated online poker sites are searching for actions to bring the industry back up after years of downturn.

Italy may soon introduce an all-new set of guides that will lead to the creation of an international regulated online poker market with intention that this will entice players back to the online poker web locations said gaming lawyer Giulio Coraggio.

Coraggio commented  on the move, "Italian gaming laws are going to be considerably amended as part of the so-called Delega Fiscale law which, among others, is likely to change the regime of sports betting and poker tournament to 20-percent Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR),"

The new text regarding the law has not been made public as yet, Coraggio maintains that the possible changes may allow Italy's gambling regulator AAMS to play a more active role in the development of gambling-related policies and to be able to work with its European counterparts.

"In the last draft of such law, a new provision was introduced to allow the management of games by the Italian gambling regulator, AAMS, together with the authorities of other countries," Coraggio said.

"The online poker market is facing considerable difficulties worldwide and in countries like Italy, Spain, and France the impact of such crisis might be even higher given that they are closed loop markets," Coraggio went on to explain, "But if poker international sharing liquidity will be allowed, the scenario might considerably change."

While changes in the laws in Italy may indeed develop more interest in playing poker online it has been suggested that the decline in online poker can also be attributed to the changing demographics of the online poker player. It appears that the younger group of players in Italy is just not as interested in online poker as was the older demographic.

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