Black Hat Hackers Casino Spam Digital Constitution

Published Sunday, June 21, 2015 -
Black Hat Hackers Casino Spam Digital Constitution

The fear many online gambling operators hold is the constant threat of being hacked by cyber criminals which creates havoc and chaos for those who are fighting to keep these things from happening. A recent news item from NetworkWorld  maintained that a casino spammer "hacked" Digital Constitution, a Microsoft site, apparently because it was running an outdated and vulnerable version of WordPress.

ZDNet, captured a screenshot, and reported that the “site appears to have been modified around 9:15pm ET on Wednesday.” The attacker “injected text with keywords” like “online casino,” “poker, “craps, “roulette” and “blackjack.” On top of that a variety of new pages were “injected to show content that embeds content from other casino-related websites.” Microsoft has since taken that all down from the net. The Digital Constitution website is devoted to Microsoft’s fighting against government surveillance and working to protect online privacy in a digital world. It is obvious it was hacked to promote online casino gambling.

The reasoning behind the choice of target for the hackers was explained by ZDNet which said “it’s not clear who was behind the attack.” However the data information web location The Stack commented, “it seems likely that the site takeover was opportunistic work by the blackest of black-hat SEO crews simply using automated tools to scan thousands of websites for exploitable, non-updated CMS systems.”

That being said there are vulnerabilities within every system with the cost of protecting online gambling sites from unscrupulous individuals that are there to profit from crime going up every time there is a successful hack. The cyber security threat that governments face is constant as was recently revealed in Canada where hacking collective Anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down the Canadian government’s digital services in what it says was a retaliatory attack for the country’s newly passed controversial C51 anti-terrorism law.  

Our world has become so virtual and dependent on the internet for so many things.

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