Australia Questions Live Online Betting Legality

Published Friday, June 26, 2015 -
Australia Questions Live Online Betting Legality

The law regarding online betting varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and sometimes operators try very hard to get by certain laws by bending the rules ever so slightly. In America online gambling was outlawed but operators found ways of circumventing the rules to stay in business. This led to a tougher stance displayed by the Department of Justice when the agency seized many domain names and shut down online gambling and internet poker in the USA.

Australia has prohibitive laws regarding online sports betting that have been interpreted by giant online gambling firms like Ladbrokes and William Hill as negotiable and flexible. The authorities in Australia think otherwise and have begun to probe the actions of these two companies regarding the use of the internet to place bets on live events. An investigation has been initiated by police in Australia over the live betting services that the operators are currently offering in the country.

The Australian Communications & Media Authority began looking into the practice passing the investigation over to the Australian Federal Police with the claim that Ladbrokes and William Hill are violating the national betting laws in the country. Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001 states that live betting on sporting events is allowed but only via telephone.

The Australian newspaper recently reported that the ACMA received a complaint that maintains Ladbrokes’ ‘Quickcall ‘and William Hill’s ‘Click To Call’ services are not  following the letter of the law that restricts live  betting on sporting events in Australia. The ACMA complaint points out that the bookies have circumvented the legislation by allowing this type of betting to be made over the internet, providing the microphone on the gambler’s computer is turned on.

The interpretation of the law may come down to a court battle with the operators doing their best to keep the authorities at bay while not admitting there was any wrong being done.




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