Alberta Canada Explores Regulated Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, July 07, 2015 -
Alberta Canada Explores Regulated Online Gambling

The sooner the Canadian province of Alberta enters the online gambling the better says Rob Breakenridge, a columnist for the Calgary Herald. The article maintains it is a safe bet for the government to regulate and gain taxes from what is the new way to wager. The question always comes up about the increase in gambling and problem gambling issues. The government already earns a substantial amount of revenue from gambling at $1.2 billion last year an overall increase of five per cent compared to the year before.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is exploring ways of regulating gaming in the province and expanding into online gambling.  The commission has taken action and is exploring the possibilities to find what programs will work in Alberta. The studies have found Albertan punters are spending over $100 million each year in the grey market casinos and poker rooms and as many adherents to safe and lucrative regulated online gambling say that money should remain in the home jurisdiction.

Watching the new NDP government negotiate this hurdle should be interesting for those who are following what going on in Canada. The mandate of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission according to the web site states, “to ensure responsible gaming and liquor choices that deliver economic and social benefit to Albertans.” Other provinces in Canada have introduced internet betting and have been successful in bringing some revenues to the social needs of the general population including those that have a gambling problem.

The Federal government in Canada is keeping its cards close to the chest when it comes to enforcing existing online gambling regulations. The recent attempt at changing the single game betting law did not get pass the Upper Senate chamber in Ottawa having stalled there for a long time. The examples that Alberta has in other provincial offerings and in Europe where the system has been in place in the U.K. for years should provide enough to move Alberta into cyberspace.

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