Online Casino Controversy Still Debated

Published Saturday, July 11, 2015 -
Online Casino Controversy Still Debated

Online gambling is by far one of the most controversial topics on the agenda of governments everywhere on the planet even the ones that have regulated it and licensed it and make taxes from it. Looking at the topic from a gambling in general perspective is interesting enough but when gaming and betting takes place on the internet it becomes another subject altogether. First of all there is a great deal of trust placed in online gambling activities that are virtual and untouchable. Real casinos have people there watching the complete picture while gambling on the internet has a more impersonal feeling about it.

Writers have been penning the controversy over gambling issue for years one published work called The Gambling Debate by Richard A. McGowan in 2007 said, “Is it profoundly destructive, preying on human weakness and stripping its victims of their sustenance and dignity? Or is it a vehicle of the American dream--an engine of personal enrichment, enormous public revenue, and economic development? The industry's explosive growth has sharpened the debate, radically altering the gambling landscape and dramatically raising the stakes involved.”

Controversy sells and it by no means would it be an easy task to answer McGowan’s question and since 2007 there has been billions of almost every currency bet over the internet both legally and not. If you search for ‘online gambling controversy over 700,000 sites come up. One might say internet casinos are a hot topic. Policy makers in America are having a difficult time with the internet casino issue mainly because the internet is a realm that many lawmakers who are of an older demographic have problems grasping. Europe has many of its own controversial points that the European Commission is working on to control corruption and fraud.

Trust is paramount in online activities especially when they involve money. One can never be too careful on the internet. Be sure the sites you chose to play on are reputable and please gambling responsibly.


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