US Billionaires Gambling On Republican Win In 2016

Published Saturday, July 18, 2015 -
US Billionaires Gambling On Republican Win In 2016

The old saying that money talks and the other stuff walks is apparent in North American culture that includes political influence. The Republican Party and the Democrats are the two main political choices in the States with the Republican Party declaring in the last election in its paltform it was anti online gambling.

Sheldon Adelson the face of anti internet gambling was also a huge financial contributor to the election campaign of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

It has recently come to light via the USA’s  oldest weekly newspaper since 1822 the New Jersey Today  online since 2002 with reference to an article by Peter Stone at The Huffington Post, that Sheldon Adelson and noted billionaires the Koch brothers  started working together using their wealth to influence politics. Almost 30 percent of the money Mr. Adelson spent in the 2014 election run went to groups backed by Koch and the alliance is expanding and becoming stronger for the 2016 term.

Charles and David Koch have stayed mum about Sheldon Adelson’s aim to ban online gambling on a federal level. The Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson seem to have come to terms on their differences but the truth is if they succeed in getting their candidate elected they will have the ear of government for years to come. There is a much bigger picture here that points out how polarized the USA is becoming. The recent announcement that another billionaire casino owner Donald Trump has entered the nomination for the Republican Party will put yet another spin on the upcoming nomination elections.

Online gambling is active making the whole affair something to gamble on with Ladbrokes giving Hilary Clinton the Democrat with even odds and Donald Trump 40/1. The Bovada web location also has a run down on the candidates and odds on each.Online gambling legislation in the USA is a slow moving train that is constantly being side tracked and stalled. After the next US Presidential election punters may be pleasantly surprised, or not.  


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