Free Online Poker Course From MIT in the USA

Published Friday, July 24, 2015 -
Free Online Poker Course From MIT in the USA

The game of poker has many variations that can confuse and confound the novice player. There are many courses via online casino portals available for free online to teach the skills required to be a successful gambler. A new course on the subject of poker is now available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA called Poker Theory and Analytics. The MIT Open courseware program offers the information and training for free over the internet.

In an effort to make learning mathematics an enjoyable experience the course uses the game of poker to do the job. Kevin Desmond, a former online MTT grinder and Master Finance student in the class of 2015, decided to teach a course on Poker Theory and Analytics. Desmond’s motivation to teach the 150 students he explained was, ‘coming into a career in finance already understanding risk management on a personal level is critical.’ The course structure consisted of eight lectures and included analytical techniques, basic strategy, preflop analysis, tournaments, poker economics, game theory and decision making.

Desmond did receive some instructional backup from friends. PokerStars made a presence with the MIT course students playng their online tournaments in the PokerStars Play Money Home Game mode. PokerTracker donated 150 licenses to the course participants. Joel Fried was invited to create a demonstration on how the analytics would work, and poker players Matt Hawrilenko and Bill Chen added to the lecture series. Real money online poker is not available in the state of Massachusetts.  In order to allow the course students to experience the real money play, sponsors Akuna Capital and Optiver brought gifts such as PlayStation 4s, iPads, GoPro Cameras, gift vouchers and more.

This course is a step in the right direction for students who want to learn about mathematics and strategic thinking and it is available for free to anyone interested on the MIT opencourse web site.



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