Online Gambling Being Tested by US Congress

Published Thursday, August 13, 2015 -
Online Gambling Being Tested by US Congress

The legal restrictions applied to online gambling vary greatly all over the worlds but there is nowhere quite as complex as the laws currently in place in the USA. Online gambling has been getting the attention of many state governments in America because it is a method these governments could use to secure much needed tax revenues. Although there are a number of US jurisdictions that have legalized some forms of online betting there are many that have not.

Now there is a movement taking place that is trying to have online betting banned altogether in the USA. The Restoration of America’s Wire Act of 2015 is currently working its way through the US Congress in an attempt to prohibit online gambling throughout the States. The bill is sponsored by two Republican legislators, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz. These legislators have long been opponents of legalized online gambling. Other supporters of RAWA legislation are California Senator Diane Feinstein, Utah Senator Mike Lee and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  Forty three American states already have state operated lotteries and 35 states allow pari-mutual wagering which are found at horse racing venues. Senator Rubio and other opponents have said many times, “Gambling is a tax on the poor and does little to develop the economy” Senator Rubio is currently one of the leading GOP candidates for the 2016 Presidency.  

Current laws in America regarding online betting are impossible to enforce so many punters in the USA participate in online gambling illegally without recourse. Proponents of online gambling legalization say that their freedom to pursue online gambling should be a personal choice not one that is made for them by the federal government. Senator Rubio is currently one of the leading GOP candidates for the 2016 Presidency, giving him plenty of ears for his platform. With the US election heating up so will the opinions of those against or for online gambling legalization.


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