Adelson's Anti-Online Gambling Reasoning Debunked

Published Monday, August 17, 2015 -
Adelson's Anti-Online Gambling Reasoning Debunked

A recent article in the World casino news online has pointed out a production ­that may have Sheldon Adelson the anti-online betting proponent a little upset by its content. The article reveals that Tim James has posted a sample for episode 1 of the coming new which features a Bloomberg interview with Sheldon Adelson.  

The reporter goes undercover with two teenagers where he revealed that these under-aged men were able to do everything adults were able to do in the Adelson owned casinos and poker rooms. None of the young men were able to access any gambling venues online. Adelson was shown in the interview stating his concerns of underage gambling, and comparing online gambling to prostitution, drug addiction, and other vices.  Adelson calls these activities “sins” and said, “everything that can be controlled should be controlled.”

James also notes that “all of the things” Adelson claims he is trying to protect young people from happen in his casinos; under-aged gambling, drinking, and prostitution. James repeats that both of the undercover under-aged gamblers tried to sign up to play online poker and failed.

Adelson has been backing the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling with his big war chest gained from gambling. Hypocritical is a suggested word the critics of the anti-online gambling faction are using for Sheldon Adelson’s rants. Lobbyist, for the anti online gambling campaign Andy Abboud said back in 2014, “We are prepared to mount full campaigns in every state where a bill is introduced to legalize any form of online gaming,” Abboud continued, “We will also be doing education in all states to prevent the introduction of any bills.” adding, “We are going to make it ‘the plague’.”

John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance commented back in 2014 also, “The concern is that a lot of money can buy you traction, and Adelson has a lot of money,”




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