Boylesports Irish Online Gambling Plans to Expand

Published Sunday, August 23, 2015 -
Boylesports Irish Online Gambling Plans to Expand

Irish independent gambling service provider Boylesports has been in operation since 1982 when John Boyle created the betting enterprise. Boylesports has been growing ever since and now employs over 1200 individuals in Ireland. Boylesports' online product range includes Boylesports, Boylepoker, Boylecasino, Boylegames, Boylelotto, Boylemobile, Boyleskill and Boylebingo which are licensed in by the Gambling Commission in Gibraltar.

It was recently revealed by the Commercial director of Boylesports, Brendan Hughes, that the Irish  bookmaker is set to continue its expansion plans by launching into Asia early in 2016.

Hughes said while speaking to The Business Post, that Boylesports  will actively continue on its current strategic path in expanding into new markets, including Asia, Eastern Europe and West Africa as potential jurisdictions.

Hughes commented, “We are actively looking at emerging markets,” Hughes continued, “We already have a digital development and customer management team in Manila, Philippines. “It makes sense to be a launch pad to establish an Asian business.” Hughes explained, “The Asian gaming market is worth somewhere between $30 billion (€27.5 billion) and $100 billion and it is growing by 15% a year. It’s a complex market. They bet on sports in different ways to Europe. They are more into live casino experiences online too. We will need to develop different products to the Irish and British markets. The next step is to build a team out there to identify significant opportunities.”

Building a market in distant jurisdictions is not a task to be taken lightly. The direction that Boylesports has decided to go in is remarkably bold but as all the other undertakings by the firm it is a planned and well organized process. An example being its long running since 2008, Europe's largest live, no-limit, Texashold'em poker event, the Boylepoker IPO (International Poker Open).  Recently Boylesports was looking at acquiring part of the Ladbrokes operation in Ireland.




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