Online Gambling Adverts Go Over the Top Critics Claim

Published Sunday, September 13, 2015 -
Online Gambling Adverts Go Over the Top Critics Claim

The impact of advertizing is subtle at times and at other times it feels like you were hit by a passing train. Such as it is advertizing does influence the general public in many ways and it is certainly a part of life that is hard to avoid. The many media outlets all have standards to a degree and then there are ones that can’t find a moral compass when it comes to airing the distasteful stuff.

There are watchdogs and laws that prevent the disturbing advertizing that leads down the wrong path such as The Responsible Gambling Trust which guards the public from the garbage some advertizing companies come up with. The tactics some gambling operators go to ensure they get attention is a little over the top when it comes to decent viewing. When selling a product the concept of targeting falls into the influence grey zone, where identity and social acceptance is at stake. The gambling industry is pervasive in many media outlets and it has been put in the spotlight for it disregard for overt sexist advertizing as an example.  

According to Serge Sardo, Chief executive officer of Australia’s Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation in an interview with the ‘Age’ news source commented, 'These tactics are a disturbing reflection on how far some gambling companies will go to sell their products. 'This style of advertising is crossing the line between sexist to outright misogynistic.' He continued to add the ads reinforced a 'sexist culture' and could influence the way men treat women.

While it is very difficult to actually link advertizing and the social impact that it has on society the studies have yet to really prove any related change in attitude in of all the sexes towards each other. The creators of gambling related adverts are just trying to shock consumers into remembering their products and using them. Today’s real world is shocking enough for most and everyone could use a little more humour in the adverts once in a while.

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