FIFA Corruption Scandal Investigation Expanding

Published Wednesday, September 16, 2015 -
FIFA Corruption Scandal Investigation Expanding

A recent post in the Guardian UK news source has brought up the question of corruption in FIFA once again. Four months after the arrests and raids on FIFA shocked the world of competitive sports there may be four years to wait for the final criminal trial to be heard.  

The Swiss attorney general, Michael Lauber, confirmed a 2005 contract with the signature of Sepp Blatter who has served as the eighth president of FIFA since1998, involved the sale of World Cup TV rights to the former FIFA official Jack Warner for a fraction of the real worth is now part of the investigation.

American prosecutors are maintaining they will make more arrests involving both “entities and individuals” after new evidence has come to light. The investigation into FIFA corruption has expanded with Swiss authorities, seizing property in the Alps connected to alleged money laundering.

Blatter has continued to maintain he is innocent claiming, “I have my conscience and I know I’m an honest man. I am clean. I am not a worried man.” This statement comes despite the fact that Blatter will not travel to the USA since the scandal appeared in the media.

The US attorney general, Loretta Lynch is adamant that the investigating will include more arrests as the evidence of corruption and  allegations of vote buying and bribery continue to be revealed by investigators in Switzerland and the USA.

Speaking to the media Lynch commented, “All individuals involved in soccer, through which we teach our children sportsmanship, integrity and the fundamentals of fair play, must be committed to reform and to compliance with the rule of law,” the US attorney general continued to add, “To anyone who seeks to live in the past and return soccer to the days of corruption and bribery, cronyism and patronage this global response sends a strong message – you are on the wrong side of progress and you do a disservice to the integrity of this wonderful sport.”


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