Mobile Online Gambling Coming of Age

Published Thursday, September 17, 2015 -
Mobile Online Gambling Coming of Age

The most promising trend in the online gambling industry today is the development of mobile technologies. The very large acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft for an estimated $2.5B is proof that there is gold in those mobile devises. Online gambling operators are making a concerted effort to step up to the latest plate and serve the mobile customer. Mobile online gambling makes perfect sense for the mobile individual who travels and wants to keep up with the latest race or wants a little game play while idle.

There has been a big surge in the use of mobile cloud technology which provides continual access to the cloud-based applications and services through mobile devices. The mobile cloud market has significantly amalgamated the comprehensive offerings from the cloud vendors, telecom network operators, application developers and merchants to substantially benefit its users comprised of enterprises and consumers. The major influences driving this mobile cloud market are the increased use of smartphones, enhanced network connections, the changing needs for centralized data management and the growing use of HTML5 technology.  

The convenience of wagering from one's mobile device on sporting events and games is increasingly marketed through exclusive mobile game promotions such as special bonuses and prizes. In an older  report called “Mobile Gaming: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting 2013-2018” released by UK-based Juniper Research, bets placed via casino-style gambling and poker games offered on mobile devices was expected to surpass the $60 billion mark annually by 2018. The report predicts that the primary factor to propel and drive growth in the mobile gaming market will be legislation particularly in the USA where mobile fantasy sports betting is taking off.  Detailed in the report, another driver in mobile gambling development has been the success of free-to-play games. Mobile gambling is coming of age and attracting a new young demographic that has embraced the mobile revolution. The potential of mobile gambling is enormous from any point of view.

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