Italy Proposes Online Gambling Advertizing Ban

Published Saturday, September 26, 2015 -
Italy Proposes Online Gambling Advertizing Ban

Online poker has been in decline for a considerable amount of time in Europe and elsewhere but in Italy the game has become even more difficult to enjoy and access. Back in 2010 authorities in Italy prohibited players, from anywhere other than Italy from competing with Italian poker players. This action did little to boost the confidence of online poker players in the country.

Now the situation, five years on has become even more difficult for online poker players in Italy as legislation is being put forth in the Italian Senate that would prohibit any sort of advertizing for gambling.  

The decline in the consumer base for online poker has not been too much of a concern for online gambling operators who have invested a significant amount of money and resources in the lucrative Italian gambling market. Italy has high taxes on the activity and restricts player pools to Italians but the online gambling operators such as William Hill and 32Red are maintaining their position despite the obstacles presented by the regulatory body. Should this legislation pass banning all advertizing for online betting the firms involved will have to revamp their strategies in order to improve the bottom line and build new customer involvement.

While the Italian government has seen the potential of revenue generated by online poker in the form of taxes and licensing fees they did acknowledge reforms were in order. The 20% reduction of taxes on gambling made in 2014 created hope among players that further reforms would help the industry grow. The online gambling poker industry in Italy will suffer should these reforms be adopted and imposed leaving potential players no choice but to seek a better deal at unregulated web locations.

It has been suggested that gambling associations and casinos in Italy may bring a formal complaint to the European Commission to determine the legality of Italy`s proposed ban on gambling advertizing and its regulatory platform.


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