Antigua at the UN Looking for Online Gambling Justice

Published Saturday, October 03, 2015 -
Antigua at the UN Looking for Online Gambling Justice

The online gambling industry was first introduced in a small and beautiful island in the Caribbean called Antigua and Barbuda when it passed its Free Trade & Processing act. Under the terms of this act, licenses could be granted to companies who wanted to provide gambling services over the internet. Since then the online gambling industry has grown at a truly amazing pace. In 2006 the USA banned online gambling which at the time shredded the online gambling operators working in America as well as the industry in Antigua and Barbuda.

Now the Prime Minister of the tiny island nation Gaston Browne has taken the unresolved issue to the United Nations.  The 70th Session of the UN General Assembly Debate recently heard Browne say that 11 years after the World Trade Organization delivered a judgement in favour of Antigua & Barbuda “against a larger and vastly richer country for a trade violation, that set-back my small country by over 100 million US dollars, that country has failed to settle with us.” Browne added, “Justice delayed is justice denied. After 11 years of not receiving the fruits of this judgment, which incidentally, are lawfully due to my country, my people are entitled to conclude that the powerful continue to ignore and trample the rights of the weak and that might is right.”

The recent “wrongful list” published by the European Commission Browne maintained, “that falsely named several small states in the Caribbean and the Pacific, including Antigua and Barbuda, as ‘tax havens’.” Browne also said that, “it cannot be right that our small country’s reputation should be wrongfully tarnished by powerful countries, despite all that we have done, at great cost to our limited resources in order to comply with international standards”.

Although Antigua and Barbuda has been waiting for eleven years for its compensation after the WTO found the USA in violation of the WTO agreement it still seeing little in the way of restitution.




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