Amaya Online Gambling Says DFS Needs Rules

Published Thursday, October 08, 2015 -
Amaya Online Gambling Says DFS Needs Rules

The recent revelation that daily fantasy sports can and is being manipulated with the research will win model which has been around for a long time. After all these games are games that require skill and it looks like that skill is basically being better informed than the next player. Bookies use this basic mode for making money as well as stock market players who read the reports and invest. There are rules for those activities and it is clear there should be rules for the Daily Fantasy Sports industry.

There has been a call by one big online gambling firm from Canada, Amaya Gaming for the USA to enact regulatory and consumer protections for the daily fantasy sports business. This industry is said to be worth an estimated $2.5 billion and there is lots of room for expansion. Amaya owns  and is trying to protect its interest in the industry as well as their own reputation. Eric Hollreiser  Amaya’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, wrote in a statement, “Amaya and call on state regulators to adopt tougher restrictions that safeguard players and institute controls to ensure all operators are held to a high standard of consumer protection and business integrity. We are launching an active effort to work with states to enact legislation that meets the consumer protection interests of all parties.”

Amaya has some experience in software assists and what are called computational-aid abuses and prohibits any use of “scripts” and “bots” and other forms of third-party software assists that favor experienced players to the point of artificially skewing the game’s competitive balance. Amaya is taking the high road as it has always done in the past.

The main dilemma is the disconnect between the advertizing for daily fantasy sports which appeals to a casual fans’ general sporting interest, while disregarding the fact that information crunching is necessary to succeed in DFS.


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