Swiss Online Gambling Legislation Slow In Coming

Published Friday, October 23, 2015 -
Swiss Online Gambling Legislation Slow In Coming

The online gambling landscape in Europe is changing but ever so slowly with serious delays in countries such as Switzerland. A proposal to allow terrestrial casinos to offer online casinos and gambling has been presented to the legislators of that country in an effort to get the country up to speed on internet betting. Unfortunately the proposed legislation will be a long time coming into effect around 2019. Operators of the twenty one land based casinos in Switzerland members of the Swiss Federation of Casinos have stated this date is “far too late.”

Currently in Switzerland both lottery and sports betting winnings are subject to taxation, while casino winnings are exempt from any levy. The new proposed legislation keeps the status quo for now although under the new laws offshore online gambling service providers will be subject to controversial IP blocking practices. Switzerland has been making noises regarding changes in its gambling laws for some time while putting pressure on companies such as digital entertainment that continue to offer gambling products without authorization from the Swiss government.

It was suggested that the members of the Swiss Federation of Casinos be allowed to offer more than just casino gambling online but should be allowed to include poker, lottery, and sports betting which would enhance the revenue generated and the player pool. The casino industry has lost ground over the past decade sighting a thirty percent fall in revenues from gambling activity. The land based casinos have declared they have the best handle on problem gambling issues and are responsible operators.  

The proposed legislation will also let poker games take place in spots other that casinos if the games are low buy-ins and the total stakes are returned to players. The balance between attracting players to the web sites and keeping these patrons in the legal games will be difficult if the limits are considered to low it will encourage players to go elsewhere on the internet.


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