Mobile Online Gambling Security Needs Revealed

Published Tuesday, October 27, 2015 -
Mobile Online Gambling Security Needs Revealed

Operating systems that punters use to wager hard earned money are it seems not free of vulnerability flaws that the designers are working hard to fix. Hackers from all parts of the world keep coming up with ways to intrude and steal money and information. Looking into the latest technological breakthroughs for online gambling one has been the use of better security systems to protect consumer information and transactions.

Target marketing is everywhere and online gambling operators use your preferences to target promotional products accordingly, which is much more effective than the random approach to getting their messages across. Smart phones today are considered safe from security bugs but that is not always the case. While playing online games on a mobile devise there is the possibility that there could be vulnerabilities in the operating system. For example Google Android devises in August of this year reported a security problem called Stagefright which was quickly patched by the Android Security Updates forum with a fix but it has surfaced again a few months later.

The new vulnerability is called "CVE-2015-3876," Google spokesperson Elizabeth Markman who maintains the "the previous issues flagged by Zimperium, Exodus, etc., have already been fixed,"

Like everything fixes take time so there is a delay from when the Android patch is approved and when the user gets it. Smart phone producers have to first test the patch and see if it actually works with their user interfaces and implementations of Android, and carriers also have to test the patch and give it the green light.

Markman added, "patches for issues in the October security update were provided to partners on Sept. 10, and we're working with OEMs and carriers to deliver updates as soon as possible,"

Safe things consumers of online gambling products on the internet should do are, interacting with untrustworthy parties, not downloading  media from untrustworthy sources or visiting unknown websites, or connecting to unknown WiFi networks without protection.


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