MLB Partners with Sport Integrity Monitor for Online Betting

Published Thursday, November 12, 2015 -
MLB Partners with Sport Integrity Monitor for Online Betting

Integrity in sport is a concern for leagues and regulators around the world and keeping tabs on data related to sports betting is an important component in controlling match fixing and corruption.  One such firm dedicated to the business of security in sports is the Sport Integrity Monitor company one of the world’s largest and most respected in the field whose partners include the English Premier League, Euro League Basketball and the Football Association.

The company has recently announced it will be partnering with the North American Major Baseball League and provide a number of services to ensure the MLB organization stays clean and free of possible breaches in the integrity of sport especially in the online gambling sector. SportIM will monitor huge amounts of sports and wagering data on behalf of MLB and report the trends in real time to the officials.

 London-based Sport Integrity Monitor will investigate suspicious gambling activity using state of the art software to obtain a global view of regulated and unregulated wagering markets across international jurisdictions. The SportIM system is based upon advanced odds monitoring software, which is powered by the company’s advanced algorithms. Automated alerts are provided when the global betting markets are perceived as different from the predicted statistical models.  

SportIM’s CEO, Mark Locke, commented, “We are proud to be able to begin the expansion of our business in North America and look forward to a long relationship with MLB. It is reassuring to know that forward thinking organisations such as MLB are actively taking steps on how to best safeguard their competitions and implement effective measures in this environment to prevent any issues.’’

The Chief Legal Officer of MLB, Dan Halem, also commented,  “Major League Baseball is pleased to work with Sport Integrity Monitor in this vital area, as this partnership will be an essential part of our initiatives to protect the game’s integrity. We look forward to making use of SportIM’s expertise and market-leading monitoring solutions in order to ensure that we have accurate and timely intelligence.”






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